What I want to give.

I want to be genuine right now. It is right here that I explain what I want to do for myself and for the world. These ideas are rooted in my philosophy and experience.

I want a world where people respect creation. I want a world where human beings do not see each other as classes or ethnicities but as fellow living beings. I want a world where corporations do the right things out of personal integrity rather than through legislation. I want a world full of informed, intentional consumers who demand more from business and politicians. I want a world that does not look to government to fix problems. I want a world where people pursue knowledge for the sake of their neighbors, bettering themselves so that they can better others. I want a world where people are invited to think for themselves and prosper amongst people who think and/or live differently.

I do not claim to have a solution for every problem the human race faces. Maybe my vision is too idealistic. I do not think that is a bad thing, though. I have a vision for my life. I have plenty of ideas, too. I want to share these ideas in a classroom, in a lecture hall, from a TED event stage. I want to craft these ideas as I mature and learn.

I believe that to be the true beauty of knowledge. To stand on the precipice of knowledge, be humbled by ignorance and continue to learn how little we know.

What I want to get.

In short, this is the plan. Within the next twenty years, I want to:

  • utilize my Bachelors of Arts in Public Relations to obtain an entry level job
  • obtain a Masters of Arts in Communications
  • begin teaching at a university, likely as a teaching assistant
  • obtain a PhD in Philosophy and continue to teach
  • obtain a Juris Doctor degree
  • while continuing to teach, pursue a career at a think tank or policy institute

It's a pretty lofty set of goals. But this is what I want, in order to pursue my greater goal of discovering the greater truth. This career path will enable me to think and research essentially for the rest of my life. All I want to do is to find the puppeteer.

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.
— Confucious