In 1994, I was born as the fifth and final member of my immediate family. Throughout my life, I have practiced a few typical traits of the youngest child: independent, polished and eager. In 2013, I left my small town outside Pittsburgh, Penn., and headed for Oklahoma City, Okla., for university. I have remained in the OKC area ever since, engaging in every opportunity available. I am majoring in Public Relations and look forward to using these skills as a I pursue a career in public policy and higher education.

My dedication throughout my professional career has always been to the furthering of society. I believe that education and creating relationships is key to this. I work hard and I think independently, I am motivated both internally and externally and I learn quickly to better meet my goals and expectations. My earnest desire to serve, both as a professional but also as a member of humanity, exemplifies my selflessness and dependability.

Look what I can do

A quick look at my skills and knowledge:

  • AP Style
  • Hootsuite certified
  • Feature writing
  • Website design
  • Business development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Media law
  • Forensic law
  • Public policy
  • Political science

Current Involvement

  • Public Relations Student Society of America
  • American Marketing Association
  • OKC Social
  • Ad2OKC
  • Oklahoma City Ad Club
  • Oklahoma Christian Modern Abolitionists