Below, you will see some examples of my work. These pieces may have been created for a class, for a club or for a client.

The pictures below are some of the logos or advertising pieces I've created using Photoshop.

The paper below is a synchronic exegesis of the biblical story of Cain killing Abel found in Genesis 4:1-16. The purpose of this paper was to create an in-depth analysis of the potential meaning and ramifications of this section of text. While some may assume this is a "Jesus essay" for Christians, it's actually an academic essay that focuses more so on the philosophy of human nature from a biblical perspective.

The two press releases below were created to garner media attention for unique events for an anti-human trafficking club I worked with. Both of these press releases were pick up by local newspapers.

The paper below was written for a reporting class. It explores the 990 Form that all nonprofits are required to fill out (should they want to advertise donations as tax deductible.) This shows that I am a capable of research and communication.

The paper below is a mock op-ed I wrote for a class. I was creating mock communications pieces for Whole Foods Market for an entire semester. For the op-ed assignment, I chose to address the minimum wage. The content does not necessarily reflect the opinion of John Mackey or myself.

Below is an op-ed I wrote for my school newspaper. This is evidence that I can communicate effectively and think critically.

Below is an extensive copy platform I created while crafting a campaign for Honest Tea. This shows that I can conduct extensive research, think creatively and plan effectively.