Below, you will see some examples of my work. These pieces may have been created for a class, for a club or for a client.

The pictures below are some of the logos or advertising pieces I've created using Photoshop.

I created the newsletter below while employed at The Education and Employment Ministry. Prior to this, TEEM had not released a newsletter since late 2015. This showcases TEEM's recent developments, includes a feature story and features a number of graphics that I designed.

I created the brochure below while working at The Education and Employment Ministry. This brochure, distributed to thousands of people across dozens of events, is still being used  by TEEM today.

The two press releases below were created to garner media attention for unique events for an anti-human trafficking club I worked with. Both of these press releases were pick up by local newspapers.

Below is an op-ed I wrote for my school newspaper. This is evidence that I can communicate effectively and think critically.

The paper below is a mock op-ed I crafted to display my ghostwriting abilities. (Disclaimer: The content does not necessarily reflect the opinion of John Mackey or myself.)

Below is an extensive copy platform I created while crafting a campaign for Honest Tea. This shows that I can conduct extensive research, think creatively and plan effectively.

The paper below is a synchronic exegesis of the biblical story of Cain killing Abel found in Genesis 4:1-16. The purpose of this paper was to create an in-depth analysis of the potential meaning and ramifications of this section of text. While some may assume this is a "Jesus essay" for Christians, it's actually an academic essay that focuses more so on the philosophy of human nature from a biblical perspective.

In addition to every header picture on this website, additional photography can be seen below.